How does a hitch bike rack work?

Hitch bike racks are very simple to understand. Once you’ve got a hang of it, you can install it easily on your car, truck, or sedan to hook your bikes.

Basically, this type of bike rack uses the hitch or drawbar receiving tube that can be installed at the back of your car to hang the bicycles.

If you use this bike rack, you don’t need to put your bikes on the roof of your car, which may be wobbly over bumpy roads and scratch the paint.

Also, you don’t even need a spare tire as a base to hang the rack on, which can be convenient if your car is designed this way.

Let’s check out more about the hitch bike rack and how it works.

Hitch Bike Rack Basics

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A hitch bike rack uses the edge of a hitch on your vehicle to hang the rack, which then provides support for your bikes.

In a way, you can visualize this type of rack as the letter L. The lower _ part slides into the hitch to secure the I column in place.

On the column, there are dedicated spaces for you to hook your bikes on. Installation usually takes around 5 minutes.