Which Garmin Bike Computer Are Best?

Nowadays, we cannot deny the cruciality of technology for cyclists, especially bike computers. The GPS function integrated into them tells us whether we are lost, how far we have gone, and when to stop for “tea.”

Mammoth brands like Garmin can provide all kinds of devices, varying in features and functions for bikers from amateur to pro. For cyclists, Garmin Edge Bike Computer seems like an inevitable gadget.

Why In The World Would A Professional Biker Recommend You A Bike Computer?

Why In The World Would A Professional Biker Recommend You A Bike Computer
Why In The World Would A Professional Biker Recommend You A Bike Computer

Map and navigation: the GPS function will map out the route for you to pick on the device monitor or, at least, which turn to take. Most devices will enable you to embark on courses preloaded beforehand, and some others may help you redirect your journey at no time. Sometimes you can get a cheap one that connects to your phone for navigation, but almost every Garmin edge version includes the GPS that connects to satellite.

Smart notification: This function allows a bike computer to send a report to your phone only after syncing these two through message or alarm call to keep track of your current situation (the weather, the road, or your health). The feature is hand-free, so you can keep focusing on the road.

Battery life span: If you are about to have long cycling ahead, then a bike computer could be your buddy with its average-18-hour battery.

Sensor: keeping tabs on your heart rate or fluid lost in your body.

How Can Garmin Facilitate Your Trip?

How Can Garmin Facilitate Your Trip
How Can Garmin Facilitate Your Trip

Fundamentally, a bike computer with GPS will enable you to tell where you are right now or how far and how fast you have been traveling. These devices usually possess their GPS chip to pinpoint your location, but some low-cost models can only sync to a smartphone or a tablet and exploit location data from those devices’ GPS.

Most bike computers provide their users’ map-reading function, navigating which route to take in advance or turn-by-turn guide. While some older and inexpensive versions only show your breadcrumb trail on the road that you have been through.

Every Garmin Edge computer you buy will be equipped with a GPS chip of their own and receive data from satellites for example. That core data can be enhanced with a host of additional features. You can pair Garmin BC to a personal handheld device like a monitor wristband that checks the heart rate, a speedometer or a power meter to keep an eye on how many calories you have been burning so far.

There are 2 main models of controlling buttons – the side and the touchscreen. If that’s me, I would definitely pick the touchscreen for my convenience.

You can control the light on the front and rear sides for alerting oncoming vehicles. Garmin Connect web apps also offer their users analyzing features. The manufacturers also provide a pack of additional apps for Garmin smartphones, allowing you to keep in touch with friends or relatives by pairing your edge to the smartphone.

Best Garmin Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 130

Garmin Edge 130

A perfect item for those only needs fundamental cycling data and no redundant extra features. This device only takes mere seconds to set up – easy to use, compacting, and customer-friendly.

Size index: 60 x 40 x 17mm

The device has a 36×27 primary monochrome screen, controlled and adjusted by buttons on two sides. However, this monitor has a higher and better resolution compared to other Garmin high-end models.

You can upload a pre-drawn trip, shown as a trail without any map as the base. Nevertheless, you will still receive a turn-by-turn notification during your ride. The device can be connected through ANT+ or Bluetooth; the latter option allows you to pair the C to your computer or phone.

Garmin Edge 130 has a battery life span of up to 15 hours. So these buddies will accompany you from dusk till dawn.

Garmin Edge 130 Plus

Garmin Edge 130 Plus

Size index: 62 x 40 x 17mm.

Garmin Edge 130 is the newest version of Garmin Edge 130, with an additional accelerometer. The new upgrade mainly serves mountain bikers by detecting upcoming incidents and other metrics (incline or hour spend off the road). Edge 130+ also offers Climb Pro function – displaying the past climb information with the route being prepared.

Like its predecessor, Edge 130 + still hasn’t been updated to a base map and sticks to trail dot alone on a high definition screen.

There has been a lot of improvement in syncing this device with other apps like Komoot, allowing you to track your biking activities and roads on these apps. Unfortunately, some extra features have reduced the battery life to 12 hours, but worry not Garmin Edge 130 Plus could still be your cycling mate for most of your ride.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus

Garmin Edge 520 Plus

Size index: 47 x 35mm color screen

Unlike the two mentioned versions, Edge 520 Plus is equipped with a base map. So, this product can give you turn-by-turn navigation not only on but also off the road. Similar to Edge 130, this item is compatible with Strava Live Segment, although you need to pay for a subscription to use this function.

The device also helps you track functional threshold power (FTP) and other metrics on your performance by pairing it with a power meter. The bike computer with the SRAM is connecting included Shimano electronics groups to let you know which scale you are.

Garmin Edge 830

Garmin Edge 830

Size: 74×48 mm – color screen

Most suitable for riders wanting a big, easy to track sensor screen. Garmin Edge 830 is much larger than Edge 520 but just a little bit heavier at 79g. This bike computer doesn’t take much time to be set up on your bike. The routing data is based on riders’ most common lines on the, helping users understand and navigate their routes with ease.

The battery will last for 12 hours – half a day, enough time for you to finish your in-day cycling trips.

Garmin Edge 1030

Garmin Edge 1030

Size: 114 x 59 x 19mm color touchscreen

This is an oversized format with many upgraded sets of features. The device weighs 123g which is pretty heavy compared to other models. The battery lasts for around 20 hours, which could be the extra advantage when using an additional set. This model also got the longest battery life among the top models, so that if you’re looking for a monster, this should be it!

With this product, you can have 200-hour-of-ride storage at max, which can also be extended by adding a MicroSD card. The large monitor enables you to adjust and change ten data fields swiftly at the same time. Besides, a detailed base map will be provided.


Garmin is a must-go-for product for any kind of bikers from amateur to professional. The long-lifespan battery, detailed navigations, and metrics make them price-worthy for those long trip cycling lovers. Just make sure that you need to know what kind of trip you are about to partake before investing in a Garmin device, how far you go, and your budget, of course.